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What is Fotofy?

By embedding our free high-resolution images into your editorial website, blog, or social media you can unlock the value of your content like never before. Once the image is embedded onto an online platform, Fotofy runs fast-loading, CBA compliant, Native In-image ads across the image. These ads pay both the publishers using the images to tell their stories and the artists, brands, celebrities, and photographers who create the content.

By providing free embeddable photos, Fotofy is reimagining the art of collaborative media. We are a community of global artists, who's goal is to get licensing revenue back into the hands of the creators and publishers alike.

Search through our growing collection of free embeddable images. Each photo is hand-picked by our editing team. We ensure all published pictures are high-quality and ready-to-license under the Fotofy license terms.

Why Fotofy?

Fotofy is easy.

In three simple steps you can embed Fotofy's latest news, sports. celebrity, and branded photography directly into your online and social projects.


Search for an image in our archive.


Open the image and click the “Embed” button.


Copy and paste the embed code into your project.

What is an embed code?

An Embed code is a block of HTML, which is embedded into the page-source of a user’s website, social media page, blog, etc.

This code creates the photo or video on that page without the photo or video actually being there. The physical images generally hosted on a company’s server and projected onto each site the embed code is shared (pasted).

Instead of pasting the actual JPEG, TIFF, PNG, etc., a website publisher simply pastes the embed code into their online project. This is the same technology with how YouTube videos are shared across the web every day.

Please review https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/171780?hl=en for more information.


Fotofy images are free.

Freely access hundreds of thousands of embeddable photos to create stunning websites, blogs, social media posts, stories, email communication, forum posts, and more. Update your online stories as often as you like using our curated photo collection.

Fotofy images are safe.

Embedding our images provides a legal way to utilize premium content while respecting creators' rights, including the opportunity to generate advertising revenue from the traffic you generate from your website. View our Terms of Use and the Fotofy License.

Fotofy images are secure.

All photos are theft-deterrent, but always shareable. Know where your Fotofy images are online at all times through your profile page on the Fotofy.com website. Set up a profile page here.

Fotofy images are always trackable.

Fotofy photos are tracked in real-time for impressions, click-throughs and online locations. All advertising revenue is paid to both the publishers who embed the photos and the content creators who created them. Access every location your image has been shared.

We scan each specific webpage where Fotofy images are found, then place contextually relevant, in-image ads across each photo.
Fotofy photos are then tracked in real-time for impressions, click-throughs and online location. This information is found on the user's profile page.
Fotofy pays both the publishers and content creators from all advertising revenue generated.

The following is what a typical live Fotofy photo looks like as the user hovers over it on the Internet.

Each Fotofy image has a "Share" button on the top left corner. By pressing this button, the user is given a number of options from copying and pasting the embed code to sharing directly to social media.
The "Share it" box comes in when a user tries to right-click or screen grab the image. No need to steal when you can share the image.
Every Fotofy image also contains a caption frame that details what the picture is, as well as a link back to where the photo originated from, no matter if it has been shared one time or one million times
We place a unique watermark on top of each image when a user tries to right-click or screen grab it. Another layer of security for the contributor.
All frames can be closed by the user at any time.
Fotofy pays both the storytelling publishers and the content creators who create them by running relevant Native ads across each image.

Fotofy vs The Standard Photo Format

The Fotofy model has many benefits versus the standard, outdated JPEG, TIFF, &PNG formats.


Fotofy offers an embeddable photo format that is theft-deterrent and trackable as the photo is shared from user to user across the internet.
Current photo formats are forever downloaded or copied and given from user to user with no knowledge of where they and up.

Fotofy pays you

Fotofy images are always free to use. In fact, every Fotofy user has the ability to earn money from each shared image through our extensive in-image ad network.
Most traditional photo platforms charge a per license fee or monthly subscription. Few offer free images and Fotofy is the first to pay its customers to use photos.

Unique profile page

Celebrities, brand, influencers, and photographers alike, have their own profile landing page for all Fotofy users to follow.
Current photo format offers nothing outside of the typical photo licensing model. These one-time licensing fees are outdated and no longer attainable.

Real-time tracking

All Fotofy users can view collection stats from anyone of the artist profile pages. This data is captured, in real-time, from the Fotofy platform, as well as everywhere they`ve been shared to on the internet.
Current photo formats only offer statistic based on views and downloads from the photo platform where the image originated from.

Controlled messaging

All content creator credit line info is locked into each Fotofy photo. Even if the image is shared one million times, the artist's name and URL is always available within the photo`s caption frame.
Current photo formats offer no controlled messaging. In fact, when an image goes viral, all knowledge of who created the photo is gone.

Infinite sharing loop

Fotofy images are shared from fotofy.com or anywhere else online. We've built a never-ending loop of free, high-quality images for everyone to share. And each share is always trackable.
Current photo format allows an image to be downloaded or screen-grabbed with no knowledge of where it goes from that point forward.

Why native ads?

In-image, Native advertising is not just about image placement, but about offering the best advertising experience to each user. Each ad that is placed within a Fotofy image generally matches the overall look and feel of the surrounding media it appears with.

Native ads are always relevant to the web page they are found on.

Articles containing images receive 94% more views than those without images.

Native ads will account for 61% of total digital ad spending in the US.

Consumers viewed native ads 52% more than standard banner ads.

Global native ad market will break $400bn by the year 2025.

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